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Welcome to! - the leading Russian dating website, provides online communication ensuring your courtship gets the best possible results, is an internationally recognized online service that has been in operation since 2005. We provide our members with some of the best Russian bride dating services and we are proud to proclaim that we are the frontrunners in the industry. Contacting our available girls couldn't be simpler. At, we ensure our clients are provided with the utmost convenience in every respect.


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Registering at our website is simplicity itself. After that, you are free to use our services. Once you have chosen a girl who appeals to you, it is time to better acquaint yourself with her. Simply open her profile and get to know her. In the profile, you will find a section named "Contact Information", containing the woman's email address, home postal address, as well as her private phone number.


We are committed to offering single men from around the world the opportunity to meet the woman of their dreams from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. We are reputable and honest, and all the hot single girls on our website are real. We provide you with a guarantee of the best dating experience and offer 100% scam protection. Our mission is to provide the best Russian online dating experience possible.

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100% Scam Protection is the only Russian online dating company to offer a consumer protection campaign of this magnitude in order to combat online fraud and scam.

All single Russian and Ukrainian girls who register on are personally contacted by our anti-scam staff to verify identity and contact information. We confirm that the Russian girl or Ukrainian bride exists; knows and understands that she is a part of; and is interested in finding a foreign husband. We also make sure that she understands the terms of her participation.

Safety measures you can take

  • Never send money to a lady.
  • Once in a while, conduct video chats (for example, Skype sessions) with your lady.
  • Do not provide sensitive information to a person you have never met one-on-one.
  • Visit the ladies you like in their hometowns.

Warning sign to watch our for:

  • Warning signs to watch out for
  • A lady misidentifies herself. (For example, an agency may be using her profile without her permission to communicate with you).
  • Her correspondence does not sound like replies to yours, (i.e. generic replies).
  • She addresses you by the wrong name (or the letter is not written to you at all). Your name appears only once at the beginning of the letter.
  • She falls "in love" with you after only a few letters.
  • A lady requests money for any reason (lost her salary, money stolen, to pay the rent or repairs, she/her mother/grandmother/son/daughter is ill/recovering after an accident and/or needs an operation, etc.)
  • A lady requests expensive gifts from you.
  • A lady deliberately misrepresents her details in her profile: age, kids, gender, marital status, or job.
  • A lady wants to study English (or your native language) and needs money in order to pay the course fees.
  • A lady claims that her English is not very good and needs you to pay for translation services.
  • A lady wishes to correspond with you but claims she hasn’t the money and needs you to send her money to pay for email services.
  • Gifts of flowers that you sent were not delivered.
  • A lady wants to come visit you but needs money for a visa, airline ticket, insurance, travel-pass, medical reports etc.
  • A lady needs money to secure your lodging for a visit.

Things that don't pass as scam

  • After a lengthy correspondence the woman refuses to meet with you in person.
  • A lady doesn't answer all your questions in an email.
  • If after meeting you, the lady says she is not interested.
  • If a lady has photos of her relatives, male friends, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, and other personal info posted on any social network.
  • If a lady wears rings on fingers. Wearing rings in Eastern European countries doesn't mean a woman is married, regardless of which finger it is on.

If you feel any woman on our website is trying to scam you, click here to file a complaint.

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